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How to transform customer experience in 2019

Customer Experience

CX - or customer experience - was the big transformational initiative of enterprises in 2018. Big brands clamored to appoint Customer Experience officers. Everybody wanted to be the first to bring to production their customer experience weapons - CRMs, chatbots, mobile apps, machine learning initiatives, you name it.

But how do small businesses catch up with these colossal, enterprise-wide, long-term business trends?

No worries. One thing we should learn from these new business trends is that you can always approach them agile - start small and scale as you grow.

The holiday peak season is always a good time to start taking care of your customers, so you can keep them engaged throughout 2019 and beyond. We put together some ideas.

Personalize offers

Isn’t it annoying to receive those real estate or personal loan texts when you’re not really looking to buy a house or get a loan? The next time you see a similar text or email, you just automatically delete them. Gone are the days when all you need to do is send mass messages and hope that somebody calls back. Your customers are flooded with offers from different companies - you must personalize in order for you to stand out.

Thing about what problems do you solve with your products and whom are you solving it for. Then think about the timing - how do you create an urgency to buy now? Here are some ideas for the holiday season:

Holiday Pastries

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  • Bakery: Give the gift of yummies - Delicious bundles boxed and gift wrapped for your loved ones
  • Corporate giveaways: Rush corporate holiday giveaways? Buy from our online store and get free delivery for a minimum order of 200 pieces.


Now that you know what you are offering, for whom, and when, make sure that you send the right message to the right audience.


Facebook ads allows you to customize the audience in whose timelines your ads will appear. You can choose the age group, location, professional industry, and many more. You can even choose the time of the day the ads will appear to make sure you get the optimized amount of eyeballs. In general, Facebook users browse their timelines during the commute to and from work. Facebook ads cost can be customized according to your budget.


Mailchimp is an automation web application that can send emails to your mailing list. If your mailing list has enough information, you can send specific offers to specific segments. For example, if you have info on the birth month of your customers, you can send promotional offers to your restaurant during their birthday month. If you have an attractive enough offer, they may choose to bring their family and friends there to celebrate. Mailchimp is free up to 2,000 contacts.


At this point, we have to consider the privacy of your customer’s data. Make sure that when you collected their information, they knew what information you have and what you’re going to use it for. When you are consistently sending relevant and attractive offers, customers won’t mind getting messages from you - they may even appreciate it.


Respond fast

The offer you sent via email or advertising must have a call to action - which is usually to message you via Facebook, submit a form via your website, or call your hotline. Make sure that somebody responds - and fast!

Studies say that nowadays, buyers are 80% ready to buy before they even contact a sales person. Don’t lose that momentum by taking to long to reply to their messages. Sounds simple enough, but many companies neglect to do this.

In Facebook Pages, a “Very responsive to messages” badge appears when the page is has a 90% response rate and when it takes them less than 15 minutes to answer private messages.

On your website, make sure that the recipient of the forms is accountable for response times. Consider having a weekly review of responsiveness.

Of course, make sure that somebody is in charge of answering your hotline. It’s always reassuring to customers to have their calls picked up within 1 or 2 rings.



Have a feedback mechanism so you can listen to suggestions and room for improvement. Who knows - perhaps a customer will be able to articulate a problem that will be the basis of a new product, service, or new business venture. Encourage your customers to leave a review or check on them every 3 to 6 months. This will also keep you and your staff on their toes to make sure you consistently deliver a good customer experience.

Google Forms is a free way to send survey forms and receive responses. You can easily consolidate the scores as soon as customers click submit.


Personalize, respond, and listen - easy as 1, 2, 3, right? Try applying them to boost sales in December 2018. And if you’re in the middle of planning your customer experience transformation journey for 2019, Cyber Optimus Philippines will be happy to help. Drop us a comment below or send us a message here.

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